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Myth Busted: ESP bukan sebarang soya

Mitos 1. Soya mempunyai kandungan tinggi asid phytic yang menghalang penyerapan zat dan mineral (kalsium, magnesium, zink) semasa pencernaan dalam usus. Bayangkan apa apa akan berlaku jika zat-zat yang anda harapkan. Terbazir begitu sahaja disebabkan tiada penyerapan.

>> Dalam ESP Shaklee, terdapat 50% keperluan kalsium harian. Kenapa ada kalsium? Kerana tambahan sedikit kalsium di dalam ESP boleh meneutralkan kembali asid phytic di dalam soya dan disebabkan itu ESP Shkaklee selamat diminum berbanding produk soya yang lain.

Mitos 2. Soya mengandungi hemaglutinin – yang menyebabkan sel-sel darah merah terkumpul dan melekat sesama mereka.

>> The soy protein isolates used in numerous Shaklee products are produced by a large American company that specializes in making soy products for the processed food and supplement industries. While this company’s process for making soy isolates is proprietary, a general description of the process follows.

High-quality soybeans are first cleaned, cracked, and dehulled to produce soy chips. The soy chips are conditioned and flaked to produce full-fat flakes. The fat is then extracted from the flakes to produce edible defatted flakes. 

Next, the defatted flakes are extracted in water, then screened and clarified to produce defatted soy “milk.” The soy milk is precipitated using a food-grade acid to produce a soy “whey” and a soy “curd.” The curd fraction is washed and concentrated, then dried to produce the purified isolated soy protein (or soy protein isolate), which is used in a variety of edible products. 

This process isolates the protein content of the soybean from the less desirable parts of the soybean, such as the hull material and fats. Trypsin inhibitors – chemicals that naturally occur in the raw soybean that can affect human digestive enzymes – are largely inactivated by the steaming and heat applied during the processing of soy isolate. Only about 20% of their original activity remains. Similarly, hemagglutinin, a substance found in raw soybeans that can cause red blood cells to clump together, is removed during the processing of the soy curd as described above. Hemagglutinin concentrates in the soaking liquid, not in the curd.

Mitos 3. Mengandungi goitrogen-melemahkan fungsi tiroid (sangat bahaya)

>> Goitrogen pula adalah bahan anti tiroid yang menghalang penghasilan hormon tiroid. Goitrogen memang ada dalam soya tapi kaedah pemprosesan Shaklee memastikan goitrogen dah dipisahkan dari soya. 

>> A number of foods, including raw soy beans, members of the cabbage family, and others, contain pro-goitrogens. These substances stimulate the thyroid gland to enlarge, causing what is known as goiter. While unprocessed soy contains these goitrogenic factors, heat applied during the processing of soy protein isolate results in their removal.

While goitrogens can enhance the effects of iodine inadequacy, iodine deficiency is the primary cause of goiter. In the 1960’s, there were some reports of goiter inducing-effects observed in soy-formula fed infants. This was related to the inadequate content of iodine in these formulas, not the soy itself. Today, iodine is routinely added to soy formulas.

Mitos 4. Kebanyakan soya adalah GM (genetically modified)-struktur gen berubah untuk tujuan pertanian (supaya lebih besar dsg) dan mengandungi racun serangga yang tertinggi

>> Soya ESP tak mengalami sebarang Genetically Modified.

Mitos 5. Juga soya mempunyai kandungan tinggi toxin natural dinamakan antinutrient (antizat). Ia adalah penghalang enzim dalam pencernaan protein. Ianya tidak mudah dimusnahkan semasa proses memasak. Hasilnya ialah anda mendapat kembung perut dan kekurangan asid amino-dimana akan menjurus kepada kerosakan pankreas.

Mitos 6. Disebabkan unsur antinutrient, syarikat pengeluar berusaha untuk menyahkannya pada akhir proses, ianya dibawa dalam beberapa siri proses kemikal termasuk membasuhnya dengan asid dalam tangki aluminum.

Shaklee has known how to separate soy with cold water extraction since the early 1950’s. Dr. Shaklee was one of the earliest researchers in soy in the USA. The effects of soy was first measured in birds which showed they changed foliage and matured very young as well as slowing down the thyroid function. 

After this observation they realized there was an anti-tyrosine property in raw soy beans. So Dr. Shaklee had to separate the protein from the raw soy bean and leave behind the enzymes that contained the anti-tyrosine substance. 

Another problem is when you cook soy, in order to de-nature compounds like the anti-thyroid substance, then you begin to rearrange the amino acid substance in soy which then becomes a toxic substance. Two years ago, Vegetarian Times ran an article telling their customers not to eat soy products because they are poison. 

Shaklee has known this for a long time. There is a process called a “Mallard” reaction – whenever you cook a food you de-nature it and make it into something different. That’s why the Chinese would take tofu, which is a water extract of soy curd, and cook it and eat it right away, before there was any time for degradation. There is no word in the Chinese language for hot flashes because they don’t cook things and store them to eat them later, especially soy.

Dr. Shaklee knew that, too. By using a cold water extraction technique, you get the very best of the soy and all of the positive things like the phyto-estrogens which inhibit breast cancer and prostate cancer in men. There are over 1500 studies showing the positive benefits of soy and only 12 to 20 negative studies showing that when you alter and de-nature soy you end up with junk.
Dr. Shaklee knew the difference.

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