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Get Clean Menjadi Pilihan Presiden Obama, Oprah Winfrey dan ramai selebriti

Set Get Clean telah lama menjadi pilihan Presiden Obama dan Oprah.

Saya telah mengikutinya, anda bila lagi?

Jom Rumah Sihat, Bumi pun Sihat. Untuk generasi kita.

Famous People Who Use Shaklee

Many people have no idea that Shaklee is used by some of the most famous people in the world simply because the product is Amazing! The Obama White House is cleaned with Shaklee, Oprah uses it, The U.S Olympic Team, NASA, and dozens more! They all love the products and want to be part of Shaklee’s commitment to create a healthy planet.
Oprah endorses Shaklee on her Going Green episode and also on Oprah’s Favorite Things episode. She obviously loves the “Get Clean” products because she keeps talking about them on multiple shows.
Also, Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett team up with Dr. Oz in writing a weight loss book using the Shaklee “Cinch” weight loss products.
On the Rachael Ray show Lara Spencer talked about Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit as a way to clean your home and help the planet. Also, kit is the equivalent of $3,400 worth of your regular cleaning products, so it is saving the environment and your wallet at the same time.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speech during the celebration of the Millionth tree that Shaklee planted. He said that he has been aware of the Shaklee company for decades because with a Fitness background and coming here as a Body Building Champion to continue winning competitions having good nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, proteins were very important and Shaklee was the outstanding company that most of the athletes used.
Back then he partnered with Shaklee to take care of his body, Now they partner up to take care of the Planet.
President Barack Obama vowed to “green” the White House, including evaluating the mansion’s energy efficiency and turning the lawn into an organic garden. In addition, to protect his oldest daughter Malia from asthma attacks, the President said he would select a natural, toxin-free line of cleaning products for The White House staff to use.
Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett recently announced that The White House and the Vice President’s residence (known as The Admiral’s House) are now using the Shaklee Get Clean product line.
One of the companies featured on The Early Show on CBS last month was Shaklee. Shaklee and several other companies were featured in a segment that focused on “great turnkey companies” for women, and Shaklee is listed as one of the best companies for busy women who want to get started in a business with minimal initial investment and most of the set-up work taken care of… and did you hear the part where they mentioned that Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Product Company in the USA and you can earn up to 50% on products sales?
Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow learned about the Shaklee Family and our values, and about Shaklee Cares® and its mission of providing aid following a natural disaster like the one in Japan. She was impressed with the way that the Shaklee Family organizes around helping others, and she wanted to participate.
Shaklee Cares is pleased to announce that part of the proceeds from purchases of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book through a special Shaklee Cares affiliate page on will benefit the Shaklee Cares for Japan Earthquake Relief effort.
Shaklee has been known for their outstanding nutritional supplements and have been used my some of the most elite athletes in the world, including the Vancouver Games medal-winning U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding.
List of Gold Medal Olympians using Shaklee 
Here is more cool info about Shaklee:

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