Bagaimana Memilih Booster Kolagen Terbaik?

By | 3 August 2013
Collagen is the building block of healthy skin. This protein is lost with age, so many people choose to use a collagen booster to restore the skin’s youthful condition and elasticity. There are three main types of collagen booster: injections, creams, and capsules. The best choice is based on your individual preference.
The connective tissues in the body, including skin, muscles, tendons, and joints, contain a great deal of collagen. Healthy skin is dependent upon both the quality and quantity of collagen in the body. This protein begins to decrease in the body at around the age of 30, and studies show that an average of 30% of collagen will be lost by the age of 40.
There are 12 types of collagen, identified by Roman numerals. Type I and Type III are the most common. Type III collagen diminishes with age, making skin lose its softness and elasticity.Wrinkles begin to emerge. Using a collagen booster is a way to introduce proteins back into the skin, helping to restore its youthful properties.
Once the decision to use a collagen booster is made, it is then necessary to choose which type of collagen supplement to use. Collagen capsules are a good choice for those looking for convenience. Many people prefer to approach health and wellness from the inside out. These pills are usually an effective means of adding collagen back to the body, but the results usually take several weeks to become noticeable.
Collagen creams are made up of ingredients like keratin and other proteins that are meant to stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Topical creams can be a good solution for those who do not like swallowing pills. Some experts feel that these creams are not always very effective, however.
Injections of collagen are performed in a dermatologist’s office. Such injections can cause some discomfort and may not be the ideal choice for those who dislike needles. In addition, the results are often temporary and treatments can be quite expensive. On the other hand, some people like this method because it provides immediate results.
Regardless of the form chosen, a collagen booster should be made up of natural ingredients or safe synthetics. Be wary of those containing chemicals. It’s wise to consult a physician when using a collagen booster.

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